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Our Story:
80 Years of Success
The Beginning
The Business Evolves
4 Generations Strong
The Beginning

The Almasi family business has been rooted in Woodbridge for more than eighty years. The founder of Almasi Trucking Company, John Almasi, Sr., was a man of great insight. Arriving from Hungary in the 20’s, and barely speaking any English, he had little more than a hard work ethic, and an eagerness to support his family. During the depression, he launched a local jitney bus business in Woodbridge that was an immediate success. In fact, the venture was so lucrative that it caught the attention of Public Service, who purchased the operation in 1929

The sale of the bus route allowed John Almasi to purchase property in Woodbridge, which was to become Woodbridge Center Mall, and launch his trucking and material supply business.  From early on, the Almasi firm has been family owned and operated.  It was the founder and his two sons, John Jr., and Bill Sr. who operated the trucking and excavation activities for the company. Days were long, and it was always a six-day workweek. Their wives and many dedicated employees supported them on a regular basis.

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