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The company is a family owned business that has adapted to many changes over the last decade. We are committed to our clients' satisfaction.

Georgian Court University
Lakewood, NJ—Construction of new wellness center including, field hockey track, running track, two soccer fields, and two softball fields. Installation of associated storm, water, and sanitary. Site prep for building and installation of lift station. Installation of 20 acre retention pond. This project followed Silver LEED construction guidelines.
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Merck Utility Tunnel
Whitehouse, NJ—Installed post tensioned precast utility tunnel for a design build project. Designed and installed tie-in to pit and tunnel foundation. Installation of water line, gas line, and electric duct bank. [BACK TO TOP]

Meadowlands Stadium
East Rutherford, NJ—Installation of pumping station for field drainage. Installation of Utilities at Stadium and sub-grade for plaza concrete. [BACK TO TOP]

Shell Oil Co.
Sewaren, NJ—Restoration of 3.1 acre site to natural wetlands. Relocation of soil and construction of new deposition sites. Restoration and construction of containment walls and revetments. Renewal of tank bottoms and basins. Dewatering of areas. Excavation and containment of contaminated soils. Restoration and construction of roadways. General management of pipeline installation. [BACK TO TOP]

Bristol-Myers Squibb   
New Brunswick, NJ—Installation of electrical duct banks, mechanical pipe. Installation of drainage and storm sewer system. Exploratory excavation of utility locations. Restoration and containment of contaminated soils. Restoration and construction of roadways. Delivery of certified clean fills and stone materials. [BACK TO TOP]

Village at Newark 
Newark, NJ—Perform complete site work and utility installation for student housing facility. Provided temporary construction of fences, jersey barriers, soil erosion, tracking pads, steel bollards, and retaining wall. Imported material, handled and removed excess soil, graded site overall and building pads. Mass excavation of a 6-story and a 13-story basement, dewatering, backfilled basement walls, and underground storm water detention basin. Site utilities including tie-in in the street, site electrical work, electrical duct banks, asphalt paving, roadway stripping, dumpster pad, utility pad, precast concrete structures, demolition and removal of tower crane concrete pad, site concrete, brick pavers, and site restoration. [BACK TO TOP]

Prudential Arena 
Newark, NJ—Installation of sand bedding, excavation and backfill of all underground plumbing work for a mechanical contractor. [BACK TO TOP]

Extended Stay America
Rutherford, NJ—Constructed a stabilized area to be suitable for a hotel building. Imported 15,000 cubic yards of fly ash. Filled, compacted, and graded area with light construction material. Constructed 400 foot wall against wetland with gabion baskets. Installation of fire, city, sewer, and storm lines. Construction of sediment basin. Installation of pavement, site concrete and wood guard rails. [BACK TO TOP]

Amerada Hess   
Perth Amboy, NJ—Participation in six million gallon remediation of No. 6 Oil Spill. Construction of clay dike and berm areas. Construction of land farm facility. Delivery of certified clean fill and stone products. Project involved Twenty-four hour shift work. [BACK TO TOP]

NY Times 
Edison, NJ—Demolition and removal of one million square feet of concrete flooring and footings. Backfill of abandoned pits and excavation for new pits inside the building. Removal and resurface of asphalt around perimeter of building. [BACK TO TOP]

PNC Arts Center   
Holmdel, NJ—Reshape and grade slopes around stadium area. Slopes were re-designed to be 50 feet high and have a 1 to 1.25 slope. Reshaped and graded rotation slides, ditches, swales, and drainage outlets to drain correctly. Delivered stone, topsoil, and certified fill materials. [BACK TO TOP]

Commerce Bank   
Jersey City, NJ—Site demolition of asphalt and concrete. Clear and grub area, demo and removed trees, sub graded area, excavated, bedded, installed and backfilled utility lines. Installed sub base and asphalt paving for parking lot. [BACK TO TOP]

BMS Cooling Tower     
New Jersey—Performed a utility re-route and installation of dual 42” pond water lines. Excavated 32 feet deep and sub graded for new cooling tower. [BACK TO TOP]

Hoffman LaRoche  
Nutley, NJ—Performed site work and underpinning for a building wing expansion. Underpinning of existing areaway, haunched slab foundation and underpinning concrete below existing areaway wall foundation. Drilled and installed dowels. Provided separate pours for concrete slab and haunched foundation. Excavated to sub grade. Furnished and installed perimeter foundation drainage system. Backfilled basement foundation walls. [BACK TO TOP]

Schering Plough   
Summit, NJ—Steam and Condensate Installation. [BACK TO TOP]

Prudential Banks   
Newark, NJ—Installation of security barriers and replacement of hardscapes. [BACK TO TOP]

C.P. Chemical 
Sewaren, NJ—Wetland area installation of 2300 linear foot chemical pipeline. Removal and disposal of fuel storage tanks and remediation of surrounding areas. Construction of access bridge to adjacent properties. [BACK TO TOP]

Ford Plant   
Edison, NJ—Twenty-four hour shift work. Demolition and backfill of existing pits and excavation for new trenches to facilitate retooling. [BACK TO TOP]

Chevron USA 
Perth Amboy, NJ—Construction of containment pads. Excavation and removal of petroleum contaminated soils. Dewater of contaminated areas. Renewal of tank basins and surrounding areas. Removal of tank pads and foundations. Delivery of certified clean fill and stone materials. Resurface of containment walls. [BACK TO TOP]

Bayonne, NJ—Post-initial remediation of No. 6 Oil spill. Construction of containment pads. Excavation and removal of contaminated materials. Renewal of tank basins and surrounding areas. Construction of dike walls. Excavation of petroleum hydrocarbon contaminated soil around pipelines and utilities. Removal of tank pads and foundations. Construction and clearing of roadways. Delivery of Certified Clean Fill and Stone products. [BACK TO TOP]

Rutgers University  
Newark, NJ—Performed site work and utility installation for a student housing facility. Furnished and installed sanitary, storm, fire, and city water line systems. Furnished and installed concrete barriers. Site demolition. Soil and erosion controlled. Excavated footings and foundations. Sub-graded and stoned building pad. Removed excess material from site. Backfilled and restored site. Furnished and installed site concrete, asphalt pavement, and brick pavers.

Kerr-McGee Refining Corporation, Royal Petroleum Plant   
Sewaren, NJ—Reshaped, graded, and stoned existing tank basins and dike walls. Restored Arthur Kill revetment. Installed sewer line and enlarge parking lot.

Rahway, NJ—Demolished, re-located, and constructed underground utilities. Excavated and shored with icon system. Contained and remediated contaminated soil. Provided soil erosion and sediment control. Installed precast concrete utility trenches. Poured in place concrete transition sections. Installed pipe rack foundations. Bedded, backfilled, compacted, and sub-grade trenches. Graded and restored site. Installed site concrete, paving, and landscaping. [BACK TO TOP]

NJSCC School Reform 
Jersey City, NJ—Furnished and Installed site work and utility installation at various New Jersey inner city schools. Performed site clearing, demolition of existing underground utilities, soil remediation, installation of utilities (sanitary, water, storm, and fire line systems), trench excavation, bedding materials and backfill for utilities. Furnished and installed temporary earth support system with shoring, sheeting, and bracing. Imported and exported structural fill, non-structural fill and rock removal. Excavated and stockpiled hazardous soils. Excavated, backfilled and sub-graded for building. Fine graded athletic fields. Furnished and installed site concrete and asphalt paving. [BACK TO TOP]